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Sunday, 5 June 2011

Britain’s (finally) Got Talent – Jai McDowell. ผู้ชนะบริเทนส์ ก็อต ทาเลนท์ 2554 - หนุ่มสก็อตไจ แม็คดอวอลล์

Britain’s (finally) Got Talent – Jai McDowell- ผู้ชนะบริเทนส์ ก็อต ทาเลนท์ 2554 - หนุ่มสก็อตไจ แม็คดอวอลล์

I am really pleased with the result of the Britain’s got talent last night as the winner was the one I voted for. The result shown Jai McDowell was the BGT 2011 winner. 
Britains Got Talent 2011- Jai McDowell in Top Three Vote

Britains Got Talent 2011- Jai McDowell is voted the winner
This is the Ranking of Britain’s got talent 2011
1st place: Jai McDowell
BGT 20111st place: Jai McDowell

2nd place. Ronan Parke
BGT 2011 2nd place. Ronan Parke

3rd place. New Bounce
BTG 2011 3rd place. New Bounce
 4th place. Razy Gogonea
BGT 2011 4th place. Razy Gogonea
 5th place: Michael Collings
BGT 2011 5th place: Michael Collings
 6th place: Paul Gbegbaje
BGT 2011 6th place: Paul Gbegbaje

 7th place: Steven Hall

BGT 2011  7th place: Steven Hall

8th place: James Hobley
BGT 2011 8th place: James Hobley
 9th place: Les Gibson

BGT 2011  9th place: Les Gibson
10th place: Jean Martyn
BGT 2011 10th place: Jean Martyn
Yesterday and the day before, lots of bloggers blogged about 12-year-old boy – Ronan Parke because they thing he was going to win. In some blog said some of the applicant is fixed and said Ronan has been known to Cowell's firm, Syco, for two years. But the youngster told ITV News: "I have not been coached by anyone to do with Simon. I have never met Simon in my life. I'd love to, but I never have. Cowell called in the police after an anonymous internet blogger alleged Parke already had a management deal and had been moulded to appeal to the audience.
 Twitter was buzzing yesterday with thousands of people posting links to the blog, which also alleged Parke's hairstyle, clothing and mannerisms were all choreographed. It is not yet known if officers will take action.
 That is clear to me that why some judges looked a little bit disappointed when the winner voted by the publics wasn’t Ronan. 
Ronan Parked in BGT 2011 semi-final
I personally think that boy should stay focus on his education and take the singing as a hobby. He is too young for this world. Look at the bad example as Charlotte Church which she has gone out of control of her life. And he hasn’t started to make a singer yet, ha has got a big hit as the buzz on Twitter claimed that he is fixed to win, and warned not to vote for him!
Jai McDowell in the audition to BGT 2011- He sang the Chess Anthem
 Come back to my favourite Scotish guy-Jai Parke. He was very nervous in his auditon. his song choice was the Chess Anthem which I have never heard it before, but he make me love the song by his nevous voice, but great quality. 
In the sime-final, his song choice was Bring me to life. Again, he nailed it and went to the final with his easy looking style T-shirt.

Commenting on McDowell's performance, McIntyre said: "The power, the passion, it's like having William Wallace here.

Britain's Got Talent supremo Cowell told McDowell, a care worker from Ayrshire: "It was dramatic, the staging was great, you're confident, strong.
The Daily Mail Blog headlined as 'Dark horse' Jai McDowoll beats bookies favourite Ronan Parke to win Britain's Got Talent. The final was so close - McDowall just beat Parke by just 2.5 per cent more votes. And one of the vote was mine ^^. 
 A stunned McDowoll is working as a disability support worker from the Ayrshire village of Tarbolton. He was lost for words, telling hosts Ant and Dec: 'I feel absolutely amazing, fantastic... it's so much more.'
This is the original version off the song Jai sang for the fianl - To where you are- by Josh Groban.Why not indeed? For me the great singer is the singer who can make me love any song he/sing even I’ve listened to it as a first time. I think we have too many earworms already.
 McDowall was one of the last acts to perform, singing Josh Groban's To Where You Are.

Cowell said: 'That was you at your best. I love that song. For the first time throughout the competition believing you could win. I don't think the vocal was perfect, it was a little bit monotone... it was still terrific.
Hasselhoff told him: 'You sang beautifully man. You sang with your heart and your heart was beautiful.'

Considering from the vote rank, I am certain that the Brits know best what the queen would like to watch.

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