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Friday, 29 April 2011

The Royal wedding experience via Live English TV

Latest shot of the royal couple by Testino

Souvenir of the Royal Wdding
29th April 2011 – The Royal wedding experience via English TV
The Brit was proud to be British

Cameron and his wife

Celeb guests
Prince William and Prince Harry
10.00 am We went out to B&Q and came back just in time to see Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, and his best-man Prince Harry were on their way to the Westminster Abbey. Catherine would the last person to be there and William would be the last person to see Catherine.
Though the English government announced today as a special bank holiday, the collection for the recycle was still working. I knew life goes on, but I thought the recycle belongs to the government, isn’t it?
We are not royalist, but we agreed to participate to a street party at Kim and Tony’s house tonight at 7.30 pm. I chose to wear the wedding attire with net and flower on my hair. It was meant to be for B&S’s Big day in a future, I hoped they would be pleased that I would wear the wedding dress on the mutual occasion as theirs and the royal family’s.
Carole and James Middleton (other way round)
10.10 am Carole and James arrived at the abbey. James would do the reading. Carole would give her beautiful daughter a support. Pipa, Catherine’s younger sister would be her bridesmaid and her father Michael would give her away to the Prince’s hand.
10.29 am The Royal Family was on the way to the abbey. Prince Andrew's children came in  three mini busses and posh cars.
Queen Elizabeth appeared in yellow that colour that I wouldn't go for but it looked great on her after all. Prince Charles and his duchess Camilla arrived at the abbey at 10.47 am. Today they would be signing on Prince William & Catherine marriage's certificate alongside by the Middleton’s - Michael would give Catherine away, James would do the reading, and Pipa was a bridesmaid. Kate was a princess to me girl in this aspect since she has got love from her prince, and her family. I tried to say you are the princess to if you have both love.
Kate Micahel left the goring Hotel by Roll Royce carand
10.50 am Catherine and her father Michael were about to leave the Goring Hotel. I could see her wedding gown. It was laces, train and the veil. She was beautiful and glamorous. Her father was there with her. The crowd sheered merrily. I could help overwhelmed by the royalty touch. Pipa took hands of little bridesmaids walked on the red carpet into the aisle one they arrived.
Catherine's wedding gown train was not long enough in my point of view

She desreved it! I could not help to love her
Sorry to say that I couldn't help disappointed about her wedding dress even it was describes as classic and timeless. But it was not far from my expectation I must say as she's tall and thin. Catherine was late only one min. It is a tradition for the brides to be a little bit less. Pipa came back to carry the train. It is quite short comparing with other royal bride in the past.
She walked in to the aisle and the tune I was glad was played. (When I typed at this point my Facebook was frozen) Her father held her hand tightly, Pipa walked after them along the aisle.
Prince William was very calm and did not look back to see his bride. Harry looked back to see Catherine and told William what he saw. However, Prince William was focus on the altar. Catherine and her father arrived at last. 
Archbishop joined their hands together (for ever - I hope)

The Ceremony began. I would leave my blog to enjoy the touch of the ceremony. And I would be back for more detail.  

I longed to listen to Green Sleeve which was once I sang in a choir. 

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were heading to the Buckkingham Palace

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